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      At Organic Pisa, Inc., we offer tasty, creative pizza dishes. Designed for health-conscious people who pay attention to the things they are putting into their bodies, Organic Pisa is family-owned and family-operated.

      Organic foods are becoming popular for a reason: as human always dream to live longer and healthier lives, we need to worry more and more about preserving our healthy and keeping our bodies in consistently good shape. Has your food contained antibiotics, growth hormones? Does it contain additives? Does it contain chemical preservatives? Is it always fresher and contains fewer pesticides?  The answer to all of these questions ought to be no. With organic food, it is.

      Pizza is one the more popular options for fast food. The truth is people love pizza, and Americans love pizza. On the other hand, although pizza is a good source of nutrients, it can be high in term of sodium, fat and calories. So that, perhaps more than anywhere else, these questions need to be taken into account, because most pizza can be easily categorized as junk food which means not good for eaters: this type of food can barely even be categorized as healthy food. With our organic pizzas, however, that may not be the case. This is food that you can eat guilt-free, food that you can be happy eating and digesting.

      Since October 2014, we have offered our rich cuisine of positive foods in Milpitas, California. The 2-brother owners share the same passion for organic dishes that should go beyond the ordinary hearth. One holds an MBA in Operations and Finance Management, Food Manager, and Nutrition Specialist; and one holds a Master of Science. Together they design the menu and handle the business side of things, keeping Organic Pisa, Inc. running so that its devoted audiences can continue to enjoy what they have created.


Respectfully Yours,

– Organic Pisa

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